This is our traditional sector of reference, and one in which GDT boasts absolute leadership amongst delivery companies, with a long list of references, including major producers and commercial companies of commodities and specialities, to which we offer not only a solid, documental experience, but also qualified chemical consultancy.
The experience acquired in transporting chemical products, make GDT a 100% reliable partner for the management of transport via land, sea and air, in compliance with the strict international directives IMO ADR DG.
Deliveries of bulk liquid products take place in ISOTANKs and FLEXITANKs appropriate for non IMO chemicals, whose use is supported by material compatibility and installation tests carried out by qualified staff at our centre in Genoa.


Cargo Project- Our skill in transporting exceptional loads in terms of dimensions and weight, in Italy and all over the world, entrusted to the most expert and reliable vectors, our awareness of land and sea transport regulations, all come together to make GDT your perfect partner for the organisation of the delivery of industrial plants and machinery in BREAK BULKs, or with the use of special equipment, such as FLAT RACKs, PLATFORMs and OPEN TOPs. Major electromechanical and engineering companies exploit GDT’s international network for door-to-door delivery to and from any geographical area, involving GDT specialists in the PROJECT development


Our in-depth knowledge of customs and transport difficulties related to animal and vegetable products by land, sea and air, have allowed us to acquire significant volumes of import and export traffic, on behalf of the major companies in Italy.
Deliveries of fruit and vegetables, and fresh and frozen meat and fish are made in controlled temperature REEFER containers, using the most appropriate vectors in terms of routing and transit time.
Deliveries of bulk volumes of wine, fruit juice and oil take place in FLEXITANKs approved in accordance with the strict FDA (FOOD and DRUG ADMINISTRATION) USA tests


Many years of activity in the import of textile products, be they rolls of fabrics, semi-worked or finished products, or garments - in boxes or hung - have allowed GDT to develop great experience in managing IMPORT LICENCES for items arriving from the Far East and the Indian subcontinent, and the correct allocation of customs duties.
Our customs declarers deal with your imports quickly and efficiently..